Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Walkin' With Jesus

I'm walkin' with Jesus, each step of each day
He's beside me guides me so i wont go astray
I'm walkin' with Jesus and He's walking with me
Keepin' me now and through all eternity
I'm walkin' with Jesus through the valley and marsh
In His arms I'm safe from harm when conditions are harsh
I'm walkin' with Jesus through tears and through rain
Knowin' He's holdin' my hand through each pain.
I'm walkin' with Jesus, His footsteps are sure
His pathways are perfect, His protection secure

When i'm not walking He's carrying me
Faithful in my faithless infidelity
When i'm not walking He stays with me still
In my breach of contract His promises continuing to fulfill
When i'm not walking He patiently waits
He doesnt rebuke or belittle, debase or berate
When i'm not walking He doesnt let go
He woos me with the love that continues to flow
When i'm not walking He carries me instead
Never leaving or forsaking me, as He has said.

Please make it so that i can walk with you again.

Written by Annette M. Parrott


Ujamaa Christian Poetry