Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Junkie for Jesus

A junkie for Jesus I never thought I'd be
So filled with desire, for the one who set me free
Stained in the blood that He shed at Calvary
I wallow in His excellence, crazed with Victory.

A junkie for Jesus, not me oh heavens no
I never quite imagined how thick His Spirit flowed
How He possesses your being, once you choose to let go
How completely and utterly and deftly He takes control.

A junkie for Jesus now that I've had a taste
Of His overwhelming presence, His consummate embrace
Of His mercy never ending, and ever infinite grace
Basking in His presence, I desire no other place.

A junkie for Jesus, and to proud to say I am.
Walking in His footsteps, dancing hand in hand
No longer in the driver's seat, relinquishing command
2 Samuel 6:14. Brother David, I understand.

A junkie for Jesus, craving my next fix
Another dousing of his Spirit, my heart free of all conflicts
My existence for Your purpose, My life on You transfixed
A holy rolling, shouting, dancing, Holy Ghost addict.

A junkie for Jesus, aficionado for sure
Sealed, signed, delivered, totally devoted forever more
Now THIS, is an addiction for which I never want a cure
He'll finish this work he started in me, this He does assure.

A junkie for Jesus, dontcha want a try?
The most enduring, powerful, pleasurable, soothing, soul changing high.
That will calm and excite you, all laws of this world defy
More than your wildest dreams or desires, let Jesus be your guide.
He's got the fix,

Written by Annette M. Parrott


Ujamaa Christian Poetry