Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Little engine, shiny and black,
Happily ascending on silver tracks.
Gentle the grade and pretty the view,
Full of the innocence of a train that's brand new.

Little engine puffs at the stack,
Pride is ascending, there's no turning back.
The steeper the grade, the stronger the train!
Gone is the innocence that's now turned to stain.

Big iron, sooty and black,
Fully ascended, I don't take no flak.
Gentle's the grade here compared to below,
Looking ahead, though, there's no place to go.

Consumed by a mountain, now gone are the tracks,
That old tunnel portal is frighteningly black.
Flat is the grade, though, and he enters in
Deep into darkness, now trapped in his sin.

Little engine now lost in the night,
Ahead in the distance he sees a small light.
At first glowing dimly, then next bright as sun,
It's time for rejoicing, his Savior has come!

Little engine comes out of the black,
Joyfully ascended, now rides on gold tracks.
Gentle the grade, and glorious the view,
Fully perfected, God's train is brand new.

Written by David J. Allen


Ujamaa Christian Poetry