Ujamaa Christian Poetry


My life is like a journey,
I'm the captain of my soul.
Beside me is an angel,
To help with the controls.

With Jesus right between us,
He's the One who knows my pain.
He calms my stormy spirit,
He's the Navigator of this plane.

The scenery's always changing,
I've seen the mountains and the hills.
I've been o'er battlefields and deserts,
Seen thunderous skies and oceans still.

We can't avoid the turbulence,
And at times there's heavy flak.
But with the Admiral right beside us,
We can endure the worst attack.

He guides us past the storm clouds,
And as we make our way around,
We see the Son's rays streaming,
From the heavens to the ground.

He might take me tomorrow,
Or when I'm very old,
But when I reach that far horizon,
I'll land on runways paved with gold.

Written by David J. Allen


Ujamaa Christian Poetry