Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Celebrate what God has done!
Though torn in two, we can be one.
He's healed us from our broken past,
And He's the bridge to life that lasts.

My heart once lived in dark of night,
That's now eclipsed by joy and light.
In this world of death and strife,
He's our truth, and way to life.

He lifts us from the broken road,
And takes us to our Heavenly home.
Our Savior, King, our LORD and friend.
All other paths --- the same dead end.

He's been our help in ages past,
Our shelter from the stormy blast.
He'll be our hope for years to come,
Give thanks to God for what He's done!

He's lifted us on eagle's wings,
New hope and joy and strength He brings.
He'll send His angels from on high,
And watch us with His loving eyes.

The freedom and the life He brings,
Are treasures more than earthly things.
When our race has all been run,
We'll claim the victory Jesus won.

His Word's been read through ages past,
His bridge spans back to souls who've passed.
Their steps were guided by His light,
And in their souls His love burned bright.

A family torn by death and war
Will meet again at Heaven's door.
Though from this earth their love departs,
They live as one within their hearts.

He's our bridge unto the past,
And He's the way to life that lasts.
Though torn in two, we are now one,
Celebrate what God has done!

Written by David J. Allen


Ujamaa Christian Poetry