Ujamaa Christian Poetry

His Strength

As I look in the mirror,
I see reflections of imperfections
and I ask myself, "Who am I fooling more?"

Am I fooling the people I see from day to day,
they seem to think everything's going my way,
they see my ups, never my downs,
thinking everything I do is glory bound,
They sing, Terrence, Terrence, he's our man,
if he can't do it, no one can,
making me wonder, "Did I do something
to cause everyone to run around with this deception."
I mean, come on, their talking 'bout me
and more and more I wonder what do they see.

Or have I fooled myself concerning who I am
last time I looked I was just a man,
Yet, when it comes to me I gotta be what the people wanna see
therefore, I force myself to be someone who's not totally free,
Free to feel or make a mistake,
just tryin' to be real, ain't got time to fake,
So I mask myself, not wanting to let anyone down,
carrying the unwanted yoke of always seeming to be glory bound,
Meeting people's expectations is definitely an over-kill,
but have I fooled myself to the point I can't be real.

I spoke to God wanting to know,
why do I have to have all my ducks in a row,
I know that God, of all people, would be honest with me,
revealing the necessary truth that would set me free.

My son, My son, can't you see,
it is My Grace which is sufficient for thee,
You're glory bound because I said so
and I cause favor wherever you go,
People see My strength in your reflection
so they'll never know your imperfection,
To be honest, they see Me not you,
you're just the vessel I flow through,
My son, My son, please understand,
no, you can't do it, you're just a man,

But you have placed your trust in Me
and I am the one that brings you glory,
You'll never be perfect, you're just a man,
but know this, in your heart you can.
And as He concluded, this now I pray
that Holy Spirit would lead my way,
purify my heart every morning of each day,
reshape and remold this tender clay,
Brighten my darkness with the light of Your ray,
And in times of sorrow I'll remember to say,
His Grace is sufficient for me this day,
For His Strength is made perfect in my weakness.

Written by Terrence Wilson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry