Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Broken Vessel - Ps. 51

In a room filled with Glory,
There stood a broken vessel,
Being extremely out of place,
How could any Glory be found in this vase,
Yet there it was placed,
By the Master on a table adorned with lace,
It neighbored vessels of gold and silver,
Each uniquely designed in its own way,
All glistening , and glaring in the light,
Making this broken vessel become an even more atrocious sight,
Some filled with diverse spices,
Of frankincense and myrrh,
But who would pour into this broken vessel,
Moreless, touch it lest being cut by a burr,
Yet, when the Master came looking for a vase to use,
This broken worthless vessel would be the on He'd choose.

Yet, that vessel, thought it was broken,
Would He cleanse and purge, then make a new mold.

Written by Terrence Wilson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry