Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Voice in the Wind

Like the wind rustling through the leaves,
So does your voice whisper in mine ear,
Sounding syllables of wisdom and understanding,
So gently, yet crystal clear.

Your voice have I attained unto,
As you unveil my sets of ordered steps to take,
And even though I can't see the ground,
I go knowing your voice won't lead me to mistake.

Though there are times I don't take heed,
Thinking my answer makes for a good substitute,
I get stuck in an infinite continuum,
Having to again learn the meaning of the word absolute.

However, interestingly enough, there are times
When I cannot feel the shifting of the wind,
For the air is quiet, its silence has become too still
For even the most sensitive ears to apprehend.

Therefore, I panic; not knowing
Whether the winds have calmed or if they've ceased,
Yet, sightlessly, I continue to walk
The direction in which is destined to find peace.

Like a dog chasing its tail, so do I
Chase this unseen wind, for without it I would fail,
For the voice has become the captain of my ship,
And the wind has become the power behind my sail.

For I am lost without You.

Written by Terrence Wilson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry