Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Today is the day I receive my destiny
Today is the day I conquer my fallacies
The one me you knew is not here today
For the one you knew she died yesterday

You don't know me cause I'm not me anymore
I don't know me cause Jesus settled the score
See, He gives me my strength and my smile
So now all that I do has to be worth His while

To drenched by His mercy and
Drowned by His grace
I know for a fact, you see it all over my face

The trick now is to stay strong and committed
I'll start by reading what was written
I have to polish me up, scrape off the meanness and jealousy
Then throw on a coat of friendship and understanding

Whoa am I ? I'm a woman of God
My duties are clear time to get on the job

Written by Sheila White


Ujamaa Christian Poetry