Ujamaa Christian Poetry



     "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is
eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord

     What a wonderful offer to you and me, by our Lord Jesus Christ, and it's
waiting as a gift that is free.

     Offered, straight from almighty God above, and it's offered to us with
his overwhelming, pure love.

     When God saw that Abraham was prepared to sacrifice Isaac to his
Father above, God stopped the sacrifice, because to God, Abraham proved
his love.

     But God followed through with His sacrifice of Christ's life for you and
I, and on the old rugged cross, for all of our sins, let his Son Jesus Christ die.

     What love for us, did our wonderful Father display, to allow His only
Son to be tortured, beaten and crucified, in such a horrible way.

     But God continues to shower His blessings on all the children of this
earth, and with open arms, waits for us, from the time of our birth.

     We are so blessed through sanctification from our wonderful Father
above, with the free gift of life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, because
of Gods love.

Written by Wayne Irwin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry