Ujamaa Christian Poetry


     Heaven is a wondrous, special place of love and beauty I've been told,
built of shimmering jewels and emeralds with streets of pure gold.

     The most wonderful place a person could be, in the Holy Kingdom of
God, that's waiting for you and me.

     Surrounded by God's tremendous love, completely enveloped in the
light of His pure goodness from above.

     We all long for this glorious day, when we hear the most cherished
words ever spoken, "welcome home to stay".

     To live forever in such a glorious place, with all our loved ones and the
Saints that passed before, that have won life's race.

     No greater honor could I ever receive, than someday kneel at God's feet
and thank Him for his wonderful Grace that's the only reason I'm there, is
because I believe.

Written by Wayne Irwin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry