Ujamaa Christian Poetry


     We have a wonderful father whose Son died for us, you see, when he
left this earth he went to prepare a place for you and me.

     When all our work on this earth is done, God loves us so much; He
welcomes us home to come live with his Son,

     So when I die don't morn for me, I will finally be in the place God's Son
prepared for us to be.

     When you lose someone you love, it's hard to understand, but when you
stop and think things out, this is Gods plan.

     We all have to face this moment, when a loved one passes on, but when
they believe in our Savior, they are not really gone.

     They have just moved on to a much better place, surrounded by love, no
pain or suffering, through God's holy grace.

     We will all long for that glorious day when we meet on the other side,
where for eternity, in his glorious love we all will abide.

     So when I die, please don't morn for me, I have gone home to live with
my Father, in His glorious love for all eternity.

Written by Wayne Irwin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry