Ujamaa Christian Poetry


"God created the heavens and the earth"

       This passage from the Holy Bible is the most important words you will
ever read. Unless one truly believes this verse, everything that follows, you
do not need.
       These words came straight from God above, a God of awesome power,
yet a God of unending love.
       All He asks of us is to love Him with all our heart and all our soul, but as
you see in most of our lives he doesn't play a roll.
       After his great creation, and time went by, people on earth became
wicked and evil so they had to die.
       So he sent the great flood to cover the land, only one family was spared
to fulfill God's plan.
       Noah was instructed to build an ark to continue life on earth, and after
the flood both man and animals had a rebirth.
       Both man and animal flourished and replenished the land, a new
beginning for all straight from God's hand.
       It's been said that if you disregard history you may repeat your mistakes
again, mankind didn't take heed and continued to sin.
       Through his wonderful grace God sent us his only Son, to save the world
by our belief in Him as the Savior and the precious Holy one.
       Jesus Christ walked the earth for the whole world to see, laying down the
foundation for all eternity.
       Teaching love and compassion for your fellow man, by example He led
as He revealed God's plan.
       For His miracles and teachings He paid the ultimate price, He was
beaten, tortured, and crucified, and paid with His life.
       Although our Savior was taken by these unholy men, He left us the
choice, either follow his teachings or live on in sin.
       The whole reason for God's creation comes down to this,
Believe in Jesus Christ', follow his teachings, and live with Him forever in
glory and bliss.

Written by Wayne Irwin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry