Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Wish Someone Would Tell Me

I wish someone would tell me
what are we all here for?
Is there a God, and if there is,
does he listen any more?

I wish someone would tell me
what I will be someday.
What does the future have in store -
how do I find my way?

I wish someone would tell me
the secret to success.
Does it matter after all
if I try to do my best?

To find the answers that you seek
try this philosophy.
The reason we are here on earth
is for others who have need.

Doing things you love each day
and doing them to your best,
will build a roadmap for your life
that leads you to success.

And God who knows your every thought -
who listens from above,
will guide you to your destiny -
a heart complete with love.

Written by Tom Krause


Ujamaa Christian Poetry