Ujamaa Christian Poetry


In making the many decisions in life,
There is always help at hand,
Voices speak to us from deep within,
If we but heed their command.

Sometimes we hear them loud and clear,
Other times it is not that way,
But they are nearly always there
If we but listen to what they say.

They may suggest we do something,
The opposites may also be true,
It does not matter who you are,
The voices will talk to you.

The doorbell or the telephone rings,
Your heart sinks very low,
Because you feel bad news awaits,
A voice has told you so.

To put off going on a trip one day,
Though you did not understand
Just why you felt it had to be done,
It was an inner voice command.

Listen to the inner voices speak,
You'll find that it will retard
The negative things that come your way,
For these voices come from GOD.

Written by Charles Lee Taylor


Ujamaa Christian Poetry