Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I cannot think of any word
That I would place above
The little word that means so much,
L-O-V-E, love.

It's used to mean so many things,
But do we understand
How wide, how deep, how high it goes,
How much it means to man.

Because of love God gave His Son
Who died for you and me,
Because of love Jesus gave His life
On a cross at Calvary.

Because of love we sacrifice
For spouse, for child, or friend,
Because of love we learn to forgive
Each other again and again.

Give of yourself and of your goods,
What a wonderful way to say
That you have love enough to share
With someone else today.

To show the world how much you love
Would in no way be hard
If at the center of that love
We find the core is GOD.

Written by Charles Lee Taylor


Ujamaa Christian Poetry