Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Stay Still

The smell of Stony Mill's kindergarten Hall
The colorful pictures and borders hung along the walls
Getting in single filed lines making trips to the bathroom and library
Getting excited about Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and the dollar left by the Tooth Fairy.

Life to me back then was game and all play
But reality would soon set in and I had to grow up one day
To realize that life is real and we don't have time to fool around
We've got to stead fast and prepare our souls before the trumpets sound

We need to learn to be of one and love one another
We need to stop downing our men and give a hand up to our brothers
We need to take back in control the soul in which we were given
We need to all take one moment to reflect on the life that we're living

We need to ask ourselves if our ways are pleasing in his sight
We need to remind ourselves that he said he is coming like a thief in the night
For it is known of no man the hour nor the day
So while on earth we need to live righteous, fast and pray

We need to learn that just like our children, we too are children of his
We need to learn that he can fix whatever the problem is
All he wants us to do is fall down on our weary and weak knees
Become again just like a child and we're promised Heaven's keys

He wants us to know that he is the bandage for the wounds of our past
He is in the wind that blows and the fire flares that last
He loves us children and pleads to wipe the tears from our eyes
He wants to exchange joy for our hurts, struggles, negativities and lies

When all else in life fails and we know we need to give it one more try
We never bother to just listen and lift our praises to the sky
Instead we'll start all over but headed in those same old tracks again
Only this time we're even further away from him and even deeper in the pits of sin

He wants us to pull ourselves through and just fall back in our place in line
He wants us to be wise and use with caution our precious time
Just by giving it all away and trust in him without a fear or doubt
We need to just hand it all over and allow him to figure it all out

So lets listen for him in the mist of trouble and uplifting dust
For he said that one day, every knee shall bow and call upon the name Jesus
Lets be obedient to his call and learn to obey the laws of this land
For these are the laws set by our Father but to be enforced by Man.

Written by Tameka Hairston


Ujamaa Christian Poetry