Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Have You Ever Loved

Have you ever loved and loved so deeply
Have you ever loved and loved so deeply
That you become completely entwined into their thoughts and into
their minds
And you could just walk beside them hand in hand through the
sands of time
And you feel I'm theirs and they feel you're mine

It's a love unlike any other you've known
You live it and breathe it and through you their love is shown
You can experience it even as a child so that it can begin to shape
and take form in you when you're grown

Its not the fairy tale or ordinary feeling between any woman to any
For this one loves you like no other gender can and there's a
calming sensation just by the touch of his hand

You get excited at the moment that they arrive and their presence
is what your soul thrives and it's a love that with others you don't
mind sharing

You know that this kind of love will help your brothers and sisters
with the loads they've been bearing
It will take away all the negatively and replace it with a soul that
And give you a smile so that you can toss away that frown you've
been wearing

For once, you don't feel confused
It doesn't matter where you've been or how life has tossed you to
and fro
It doesn't matter how or in any form if you've been abused
It doesn't matter how big the scar or how ugly and nasty is life's
All that matters is the uplifting of your spirit when he says and
promises You Still Can Be Used.

You don't have to worry about any of your fears and you no longer
need to question your tears
And you long for their presence to just be near
You when you have to lie down and cry and to be a fence around
you so that evil will pass you by and their name you will come to
exalt and constantly glorify.

Have you ever experienced that presence so bold just like the one
that my heart to you has just told and one that will last and the
relationship never grow old

One that will never be silent to your ear but fill your life with
happiness and with cheer
And unlike the seasons, they are constantly the same way
throughout the entire year.

Never addressing you with an attitude
But it seems they are always in the same forgiven mood
And even at times when we're so hard on ourselves and others
We've still found the same love first founded by the redeemed man
and praised by our grandmothers.

And now you fully understand the reason why Mama lifts up her
hands and the songs she sings while she clucks away on those
Sunday Morning Pots and Pans

And now you understand the reason why we dance, you
understand the emotion and joy behind so much romance and you
learn to give him his due praises regardless of your circumstance

And now you understand the reading and teaching of his word
And Thee and Thou no longer sound absurd
And at every moment his voice inside you is heard

It is so unconditional and it's real
And now you understand and you recognize the conviction that
you feel
Because it's his joy and love that this world cant take away nor will
spiteful doings ever kill

Its not from Harry, James, Marvin or Thorn
It's from Mary's womb and God's first born
And he promises to love us even though sometimes we get weak
and we get worn

This is the day and age when the enemy is on the prowl to attack
This is the day and age we need to fall in love to receive his word
and power to fight the enemy back.

For surely the enemy to you will come but he'll catch us if we fall
But because of his grace and mercy we need to learn to stand tall
And scream back at the enemy that our bad habits and afflictions,
God Has already healed us from it all.

That he is just angry that God as won our soul and that our words
are now plain and our speech is now bold and we no longer feel
weak and useless and our hearts are no longer cold.
Everything that the enemy ever tells you is nothing but a lie
Fall in love with my lover and you will see beyond your human eye
To know that he exist and he stands beside us in the midst of
every storm and hard shove
I give thanks for my earthly father but I'm in love tonight with the
one that sits on his throne above.

So have you ever loved and loved so deeply
That to this miraculous man, you would give your life completely.

Written by Tameka Hairston


Ujamaa Christian Poetry