Ujamaa Christian Poetry

When Oh When Lord

Oh Lord, when is it that I will hear your roaring voice
I need your help so that I'll know how to make the right choice
Its getting so hard out here and sometimes I don't know in which direction to turn
If I go right will I see your face or if I go left will I burn

If I could just see and be guided by your light
I stand in need to be guarded and protected both day and night by that spirit
that you call holy and by the words that you teach so boldly so I can have my
Fathers arms to just hold me.

Oh Lord, my soul has this desire and obsession to just want to seek my salvation
My voice has the craving to parade your grace across to the people of the nations
Lord I need a new heart and a new found appreciation for all of your creation
I want to know that you're there through all my trials and that you'll see me
through those heavy tribulations.

Lord, I don't want to thirst and claim my mouths satisfaction from just any water
from any well
I want your drink of everlasting life from the stories those Samaritans tell.
I want to feel you stirring me up while you put my purpose into action
I want to receive your grace because one day I want to see your face and I want
to speak your words with truth and with passion.

I'm crying out to you that my storage is empty and my soul is dry
I need you to know that I felt your hands remove those running tears from my
And I know you heard me those nights in my sleep your name I would softly cry

Lord when Oh when will I hear your roaring voice
Child, you'll hear it when you silence everything and you decide to make the choice
For if you go left I'll give you strength and a sign to let you know you traveled
I'll guide your every step back into the right direction and I'll constantly
remind you to whom you belong

I will plant inside you my word that it may grow and in it your life may flourish
For with my meat your belly will be full and with my word your soul will be nourished
For you'll thirst no more and you'll come running and begging for my drink
For you'll discover to live with my father I am the only link

Child, I already know your needs and trust me, they have already been fulfilled.
You just have to learn to be patient and you have to learn to just sit still
Take a bite of my fruit that I created to make you whole
Practice my spiritual senses to love and learn patience and self-control

I will tell your storms to pass and your winds just when to cease
I will dry your tears and I'll even wash your feet
I will nail all your sins and all your burdens to the cross
Seek me for your salvation so I can save you from getting caught up and lost

I may be in the wind
I may be that still small voice in your head
I seat always above you
I lay still beside you in bed
Yet you come to me and you ask only to hear me speak
My child, you've already heard me and I was at my loudest at the times you
were weak

You're old enough to know the difference between whats right and whats wrong
You feel me stirring in you through your Shepard's words and the choir's song
And more and more of my glory your soul longs

People are wondering whats the change in you and even you recognize that
some things in your ordinary life now seem to be a little odd
Child you just opened your heart to me
I've ordered your steps and I'll fill you up with the Kingdom of God

Written by Tameka Hairston


Ujamaa Christian Poetry