Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Faithful Servant

Oh the pain, it takes away my dignity.
It makes me cry and thump the bed.
It erodes my strength
And eats away at my joy.

Oh the pain, how much more Lord.
Sleepless nights and foodless days.
It destroyes my peace
And hacks at my faith.

Oh the fear Lord of your servant.
I believe, help thou my unbelief.
It makes me tremble
And doubt your power.

Oh the joy of the faithful servant.
Of the laying on of hands.
It strengthens the faith
And fills the eyes with tears.

Oh the wonder Lord of your touch.
The warmth of the holy spirit.
Filling me and washing over me.
Overflowing with healing power.

Oh the victory Lord, but it is all yours.
You give me the strength to cope.
I feel your comfort,
I feel your power,
I feel your love.
Thank you for faithful servants.

James 5v15

Written by Georgina Smith


Ujamaa Christian Poetry