Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Sometimes Lord I get so low,
I feel so empty and alone.
I cannot pray or read your word,
I want to look upon your face,
But I stand alone here in disgrace.
I feel ashamed of how I feel,
Knowing you're alive and real.
You say that you will bear my hurt,
You say that you will wipe the tears.
And when I am alone and sad,
You say that you will take the fears.
I believe that you are real,
But I can't help the way I feel.
Lord I'm weak, make me strong,
Help me feel that I belong.
You're my father, I'm your child
Help me know that you're with me,
Make these blind eyes see.
Fill my life for it is empty,
Full of hurting, doubting fears.
I believe Lord in your loving,
Take my life and dry the tears.

ROMANS 12v12

Written by Georgina Smith


Ujamaa Christian Poetry