Ujamaa Christian Poetry



The battle raged, brother killed brother.
As one war finished, so started another.
Dictators fell, generals reigned.
The people marched, protested, campaigned.
I looked and in the midst of wars course,
I saw a rider upon a red horse.

The people cried, they had no bread.
Nations lost count of the dead.
Another appeal, our concern to convey,
Yet never enough to stop the decay.
I looked in the midst of famines course,
And saw a rider upon a black horse.

War and sickness man could not withstand.
Floods and drought ravaged the land.
People crying in despair,
The smell of death everywhere.
I looked and in the midst of deaths course,
I saw a rider upon a pale horse.

The garden barred, man expelled.
The fall of man God beheld.
Age after age going his own way.
No thought at all of the judgement day.
I looked and in the midst of lifes course,
I saw a rider upon a white horse.

His name is Faithful, His words are true,
With the sword of His mouth He will subdue.
His robe is red because of mans sin,
And He rides to battle as judgment begins.
I looked at the conquerer and His heavenly force,
'Twas the Lamb of God upon the white horse.


Written by Georgina Smith


Ujamaa Christian Poetry