Ujamaa Christian Poetry


James 1v22.

I look at all the people
Their eyes are emptiness.
The people of this nation
Walk in a wilderness.
And Jesus He is waiting
To lead them to His throne
For each of them is waiting
A beautiful new home.

I look at all the children
Their faces show their pain.
Their lives are full of misery
As they're left unloved again.
And Jesus He is waiting
With tears shed for all.
A rest they'll find in His arms
As to each child He calls.

I look at all the women
Their hurt shows in their eyes.
Their bodies bear the bruises
Their ears are full of lies.
And Jesus He is waiting,
To show how love should be.
He gives without the taking
And sets the captive free.

This nation under satan
Is crippled by its sin.
But God in tender mercy
Is waiting for them still.
But if we do not tell them
How can they know the way
How can they know of Jesus
If Christians do not pray

How can our nation listen
If our voices are so still.
We must SHOUT OUT the message
That you must be born again.

Written by Georgina Smith


Ujamaa Christian Poetry