Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Wrong Side Of The Track

There was a girl that lived a life of sin; she was always on the wrong track,
But the Lord had a plan for her life now; His grace would have to bring her back.
She had dreams of Jesus coming to take His people to His heavenly home,
But she had sinned and lived a life that was wrong; she dreamed she'd be left alone.

God, opened her eyes one night and said," Come my child, remember the place,
This church was where you once heard the song called, "Amazing Grace."
And she knew that she had to be free and there was an alter of prayer,
This house of the Lord was filled with love and those who would care.

The little church that she once went to was just down the road,
Her heart was so torn inside, and she was carrying a heavy load.
The devil had taken control of her life, filled it full of sin,
She knew where to lay her burdens down and she'd be welcomed in.

She knelt down at the cross that night and began to call His name,
The people of this church gathered around and began to do the same.
They prayed, "Dear Lord, now this child has come back, she's been all alone."
The Lords house was where she needed to be, she wanted to come home.

When Jesus, comes knocking at your door, don't hesitate let Him in,
He'll give you a new life, change your ways, and free you from all your sins.
Only Jesus is the way to heaven, don't shut the door, and keep Him out,
For when you're free you'll give Him thanks, praise Him, sing, and shout.

Written by Ms. Sam Bilbo


Ujamaa Christian Poetry