Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Face Of Jesus

It was explained to me as I began my first baby steps as a Christian that one day
someone would come up to me and see the face of Jesus as I grew in faith, studied His
Word and applied what I learned to my life. At first that seemed so impossible for this
to happen or for me to be able to comprehend.

How and what was I really going to have to do to become Christ like. I really figured
that this would an impossible task for me to do. I thought because of my past and all
the things that I 'd done I knew I couldn't be forgiven. It seemed too easy and for that
matter I didn't think I was worthy of His forgiveness.

It was also told to me that all of this wouldn't happen over night. I could be forgiven in
the blink of an eye, but all the other things, which seemed out of my reach, would take
time. I found out that I would have to study His word, walk in faith, believe and have
no doubts, and all these things would happen to me.

It's like our Pastor said one Sunday, just like being a baby first I was on milk, then
baby food, then the real food. First I learn to roll over, sit, crawl, and the walk. But
these too, didn't come over night. It took practice, and believing in oneself.

In the same way as I study His word and follow His commands for my life I found out
that being a Christian wasn't hard to do. You just need to be consistent, have faith and
believe in His Word, reading the Scriptures and applying His will for me to my life
these things would come to pass. What an experience when I truly accepted Jesus in
my life and feeling the changes that took place.

Although my outward features didn't change. The real change came from within. As
my faith became stronger and stronger though, I realized the changes were being able
to be seen by others. The presence of the Lord is always with me.
When I wake up each morning I give Him thanks for another day given to me by
proclaiming His powerful Word to others. God might place you or I in a situation
where a kind word, or a prayer with someone could help them make it through a tough
time they're going through. If you allow God to work through you a difference can be
made in many lives that you become involved with. I pray to be a strong Christian and
allow to be used as He sees fit.

The power that He has is so mighty that your problems can be made to seem so small
and in His time not ours He will take of it. He is waiting for you to call on Him so He
can work in you life and become your best friend, a friend that is always there and will
never leave you. You will feel just like a bird in a cage that has been set free.

That's how it was for me, I was set free from bondage and I could see the straight and
narrow way to becoming a child of God. Thank You Jesus, for coming into my life. The
changes have been numerous, and there is a feeling of being Christ like when you
accept Him into your heart.

My Story

Written by Ms. Sam Bilbo


Ujamaa Christian Poetry