Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Choices We Make

I wonder what the Lord, sees when He looks at me,
Does He see a faithful servant with out sin and free?
For the love that He has shown me, my life had to change.
Because of this everything around me was rearranged.

There have been many bad roads that I have walked down,
But, because Jesus is here all I have to do is look around.
I use to think of no one else but myself, just me and me alone.
I no longer have to be like that, with heart made of stone.

My Lord gave His life for us so our souls could be free.
Because of this I know that He did this all for you and me.
He hung on that cross, died and took away all of our sins.
Thank You Lord, for the love you have for us deep within.

Reality is that Jesus, presents us with a compelling choice,
We can listen to His wonderful, powerful and mighty voice.
Or, we can do the things of the world and loose our soul.
But, with Jesus in our life our existence will always be whole.

In fact, every person has the right to make the right choice.
It's all up to us to place the Lord, in our life; sing and rejoice;
To receive Jesus, by faith is God's, revelation of Himself,
The only one who can account for what we do is ones self.

Written by Ms. Sam Bilbo


Ujamaa Christian Poetry