Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Lord, I know maybe I shouldn't, but I have some question for you.
I hope I don't test your patience, because its more than just a few.

See, I gave my life to you, made a commitment…was baptized for all to see.
I have my private devotions and, I acknowledge you publicly.

I have been persecuted and reviled just like the Beatitudes say,
at times, it seemed be more than I could take

Though it wasn't -

Yet, I want to know why particular circumstances don't change?
I pray so hard, and still - the result is the same.

I read your Word, Lord! Meditate on it day and night.
So why is my life so weighted down and still so full of strife?

I even love your people! As un-lovely as some of them can be.
Please, please tell me, Lord, when is love something I> can receive?

I did say I had a few questions; I'm not quite done yet.
I pray you will indulge me; I'm not trying to get you upset.

But the injustices in the world - they're so unfair and downright cruel.
Why is it sometimes your children have to suffer the wrath reserved for fools?

…I think I'll leave it right here Lord, for I intend no disrespect.
I am grateful for your grace and your mercy.
You know how I sometimes get.

I accept that a lot of the answers are unclear, and some we won't get until that "Great By & By".
So no matter how much we whine and complain, we still won't ascertain the reasons "why".

So I digress, Lord. Not to be negative, and certainly not defeated.
I just recognize that we can't have all the answers because we might
be misled, and think that you are not needed.

Lord, Thank you, for listening to my crazy, human self.
I have no more questions. I'll just "look to the hills, from which comes my help"!

Written by Nalita Ross


Ujamaa Christian Poetry