Ujamaa Christian Poetry


As I consider and I ponder
all that I've been through
at this age I've come to
my life seems brand new

In my life I have suffered
trails and some pain
knowing deep in my heart
that it wasn't in vain

Those hurtful experiences?
I needed them to help me grow
so I could share them with my daughters
and one day they will know
that it's now about the material
the money, the house, the cars
the men that don't treat you right
the huge emotional scars

It's about loving yourself to the fullest
and knowing who you are
that, plus a positive attitude
will take your life so far
but most of all if you know God -
the One who sits on high,
your life will be blessed,
and your limit will be the sky

Written by Nalita Ross


Ujamaa Christian Poetry