Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I wish I could tell you that it is easy, this life of faith

But I must be honest, that is just not the case

I want to tell you problems disappear because you accepted
The Son

Truth is, your troubles may increase because of what you've

And, I would desperately love to say that you will cry no
more tears

Well I still cry, and I've been saved many, many years

So what's the advantage, you say? Why should you live for

Why must you give up so much and have to be born twice?

One thing I will share with you - a pretty big aspect to sell;

Your life will no longer be condemned… plainly put -
you won't be going to Hell!

Though that is convincing, and nothing can top that,
there are other benefits…in fact -

There's the peace that defies what you can understand
especially, when you try to obey his every command

And then there's the ultimate…God's unconditional love

The kind that no human being possesses, it's found only
from above

No…I can't tell you it will be easy, or painless for any of us…

But life is truly worth living, when put in the hands of JESUS!

Written by Nalita Ross


Ujamaa Christian Poetry