Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Could We Perceive?

We couldn't experience joy,
if there wasn't any pain.
We couldn't appreciate the sun,
without an occasional rain.

How could we claim the victory
if no battle had been fought?
But the battle is not ours,
that is what we've been taught.

We would have never known patience
if we were never tried.
Could have filled an ocean
with the tears we cried

Would we recognize peace if
the waters had not been wavy?
With all that we've been through
felt like we were going crazy!

No, we're not crazy,
it's just a part of life.
We all have to deal with some stress and strife…

But that's just a small portion,
what's greater comes from above.
Without ever encountering loneliness,
could we perceive God's love?

Written by Nalita Ross


Ujamaa Christian Poetry