Ujamaa Christian Poetry


There are storms all around me
Fears mounted up on every side
The rain so heavy I can't see
Not one solitary place I can hide

It's like taking the steps of a man born blind
Seems as though I'm fighting God's will
I need the patience from a renewed mind
Just so I could hear Him say, 'peace be still'

He's given me all I need in this life to live
Set my heart to seek those things above
As for conflicts with my brethren I learn to forgive
Because of the mercy and grace of His mavelous love

There'll be obstacles I'll face every now and then
Because of His word I've been warned
This would explain why trials come to men
For He himself was a man atrociously scorned

Troubled waters may represent the issues of life
Yet God's there to hear my heartfelt plea
Sometimes the fog's so thick I could cut it with a knife
Just as it was when Peter walked the sea

Let Christ remove you from the depths of despair
Just give Him every bit of your trust
Learn to communicate your worries in prayer
Turn away from your own selfish lust

There's no other way to be truly free
You don't have to live your life depraved
Trust me there's quite a few out there who'll agree
There's no other name except Christ Jesus where you can be saved

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry