Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Made To Do

I was put here for your good pleasure
To give all glory and honor to you
The reason I share in this heavenly treasure
Is because of what you went through

So now my eyes are opened that I may see
How my heart is wrenched with evil
There's nothing good that comes out of me
For I'm bound by torment and upheaval

As for your mercy and grace
My soul has now found peace
You even open my heart to embrace
The fact that myself must decrease

Daily my mind is being renewed
For my desires are not my own
You've allowed me to conclude
The wickedness of which I'm prone

Now the eternity placed in my heart
Can only be truly satisfied by you
To give you the glory as I'm set apart
Because it's what I was made to do

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry