Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Still Believe The Lie

You will not surely die
That's what the serpent said
Since then some of us still believe the lie
That's why we're spiritually dead

We made the choice
We decided our fate
We were listening to the wrong voice
For some of us it's not too late

Why is I'm only human our confession
What fruit are we constantly eating
Has blindness become our profession
For these are the mistakes we keep repeating

What are we trying to achieve
Self is not someone on which we can depend
Why is it so hard for us to believe
What worldly philosophy are we trying to defend

Yet we still don't believe God's word
It can be seen by the way we act
It doesn't matter what we've heard
The Bible is still God's book of fact

He said of all the trees in the Garden
We may eat except the one which is in the midst
So the serpent beguiled us and our hearts were hardened
By taking God's word and giving it his own twist

We should no longer dwell in the house of procrastination
It's time to call on the name of the Lord as our Savior
Let Him be our soul's salvation
We'll be doing ourselves the ultimate favor

The fact that we made the decision to sin
Says, we believe you'll not surely die
Which explains the wickedness within
Which indicates by our actions we still believe the lie

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry