Ujamaa Christian Poetry


How do you eliminate a power
Far greater than you could ever conceive
That you'd strategically place wolves set to devour
Trying to thwart a purpose destined to be achieved

What was an abomination is now a hate crime
The created has no power over the Creator
Yet no one knows the hour or the exact time
But His purpose will be fulfilled sooner or later

How can you be excused from His wrath
By imposing your sins in the guise of human rights
What a price you're paying for walking the wrong path
Yet you indulge yourself in whatever your heart delights

Whoa to you politicians and lawyers whose purpose is to ruse
By writing statues placing a burden on a people God set free
Your words of art are only designed to confuse
Where mans freedom comes with an extraordinarily high fee

In a world where cash is considered king
Where people serve it at their soul's expense
The media promotes all the baubles and bling
Yet in court most men can't even afford their own defense

No more prayer in the schools
No longer one nation under God
Preaching so called gospels designed by fools
Hard core Christians put in front of firing squads

Terrorism is the new game in town
Where governments give it subjects a false sense of security
The deception of it all is so profound
Until over ninety percent of God's people wander off into obscurity

Now just think on this if you will
About the power your soul is cherishing
The reason why Hell will have its fill
Because the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry