Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Take It's Toll

Has your life become a waste
Have you given up on His grace
Has your tongue developed a bitter taste
Have you quit running the race

You own twelve bibles in all
Different versions and interpretations
Still you continue to fall
As you worry about your reputation

You've tried ministry after ministry
Still there's no peace for your soul
But you're hoping for the right chemistry
Where you have full control

Why do you sit in judgment of me
What do you expect to achieve
Why are you so blind you can't see
Quoting scripture you don't even believe

The word is sprinkled in your conversation
You speak as if you're a biblical scholar
But your face is filled with doubt and frustration
Pointing blame and always hot under the collar

Step back and take a moment to relax
Sometimes you just have to pause
Your reaction is not based on the facts
Yet we all have our flaws

You must believe in our marvelous Creator
And be willing to relinquish your control
Submit yourself to Him that is greater
Before the wickedness of the world take its toll

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry