Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Bible

Since I began reading God's word
I've come to a definite conclusion
It doesn't matter what I've heard
It puts and end to all confusion

Everyone reads every now and then
For current events or just a good story line
Man has an insatiable appetite for sin
And such an ignorance of the Divine

The bible is mans handbook to godly living
It states his beginning as well as his end
Showing him blessings in the art of giving
As well as the price paid for his sin

It gives him a peace the world doesn't know
Shows him life from a godly perspective
Carries him places the flesh dare not go
In serving God who's jealous and protective

The bible shows man those things he's entitled to
Placing power in his hands
Man learns what he's assigned to do
And how to follow God's commands

It holds the answers to creation and death
Along with sin and salvation
How the soul was born from God's breath
And the establishment of the Earth's foundation

Let's us know what we must do to be saved
By pointing to Jesus the human sacrifice
It satisfies what the soul always craved
As well as the methods Satan uses to entice

The day when all isms are put to rest
A reward for those who have not budged
Though some set out in complete protest
They set themselves up to be judged

Read the bible for your own enrichment
You can't hold others liable
For God has a definite intent
And all this is in the bible

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry