Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Lord And King

We must renew our minds
In order to overcome this worldly grip
Let's open the shutters and blinds
We need to get off this slave ship

Salvation is promised in different forms
But there's only one salvation that's true
Until our way of thinking conforms
We can't experience that life brand new

So much one must do to become rich
As well as promises of security in your wealth
Wolves are selling information at fevers pitch
Causing some to even compromise their health

Didn't I hear Him say, 'come unto me'
All ye that are weary and I'll give you rest
But so many are burdened and cannot see
That the way of Christ is by far the best

So regimented in our ways
Like sheep off to the slaughter
Amongst the shadows of death we graze
Why not drink from the rivers of living water

So many promises have gone unfulfilled
Until we find it hard to believe in anything
But here we have a chance to rebuild
All this with the help of our Lord and King

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry