Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Hope For Tomorrow

Never again to walk the path of deceit
Never again to give way to what I feel
So much time spent on the road to defeat
Until it gets confusing as to what's real

There were so many moments of pain
So many times with bouts of aggression
Even my good intentions seemed in vain
As death became my confession

Mistakes I've made quite a few
Sometimes not thinking about the outcome
Although relief came I had no clue
Because all my feelings became numb

I made women the god before me
Because I wanted so to be loved
Maybe I was just too blind to see
That true love only comes from above

We're all part of God's creation
And what's created can also be destroyed
His judgments will be enacted without hesitation
Because His word will not come back to Him void

When trying to put the flesh under subjection
Is futile and the heaviest burden of all
Oh to live without the Father's protection
Can make even the wisest of the wise fall

As I search for Him through my tears
It's as if He's no where to be found
My heart aches from the abuse of my years
Till I'd give way to the familiar gods around

In searching for the truth there's great pain
For the more you know comes much sorrow
One of the reasons why I've learned God reigns
Because without Him, I'd have no hope for tomorrow

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry