Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Go Through

I walk this road of revelation
Where my own faults are in full view
Yet it's as if it's an education
I see the terrible things I use to do

No longer reacting to what I feel
Now that I'm learning to think first
God has opened my heart to reveal
A life for which I hunger and thirst

Impatience is replaced by peace and tranquility
My wanting is dissolved by the contentment of my soul
There's a supernatural zest to my ability
A heavenly warmth has removed the cold

Listening has become the lesson for today
Because of the places I need to go
I'm being told I must walk this way
For there's so much more I need to know

Faith has now replaced the things I fear
No longer walking the path of least resistance
It's such an encouragement and I'm of good cheer
I now press forward with a tenacious persistence

On the other side of the wall is my reward
With each step I'm molded into that person brand new
My hearts desire is to be in the presence of the Lord
Because it's worth everything I have to go through

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry