Ujamaa Christian Poetry


God always keeps his word
So why can't I keep mine?
All His promises I've heard
And still I just sit back and whine

Have I suffered for the sake of His name?
Or am I bound by self-infliction?
My life situation still remains the same
Certain habits have become my addiction

I can't point blame at no one but me
When I sit down and read God's word
I've constantly shut doors on opportunity
Because of those bad habits I've incurred

Maybe I'd be happy suffering for His name
For I'm so miserable suffering for mine
Can our hearts and minds be the same?
How can I get to know the One Divine?

What's the purpose in all this?
Where could this relationship go?
Am I for real or are my thoughts amiss?
This is something I need to know

I've played with everything in my life
You can see I didn't take to many things seriously
Now my heart feels it's been stabbed with a knife
For these concerns came upon me mysteriously

Why ask, these question since I already know
Who it is that makes all things right
But because of my actions His love won't show
It seems I all but turned from the light

People have tried to come in
Though they may not show a real concern
Yet I've helped others time and time again
And every time I'm the one they burn

But you know I'm not at all bitter
I'm just making an observation
For God knows I'm not a quitter
I'm just venting a bit of frustration

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry