Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Slender Thread

This is just a dress rehearsal
For what truly lies ahead
The stage set is universal
We're walking on a slender thread

So many things set to distract
With ignorance leading the way
One can easily fall off track
It's the challenges we face day to day

Some have come to their own conclusion
In thinking theirs is the right way
In a world drenched in confusion
They won't listen no matter what you say

Christ has been denounced by such as these
Because the kingdom they seek is their own
Can't seem to see the forest for the trees
And they're oftentimes left empty and alone

Pride has stepped in and taken control
For it has no tolerance for the humble
It infuses the heart and corrupts the soul
It's made even a righteous man stumble

This is the appointed generation
That will witness a most magnificent event
Ever since the dawn of creation
Whether or not He exist has been the argument

It's appointed unto man once to die
Then it's God's judgment that awaits us all
This cruel world wants you to believe the lie
But the wicked one is about to fall

Yes this is just a dress rehearsal
For what truly lies ahead
And because the event is universal
Be ever so mindful of that slender thread

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry