Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Why are you worshipping creation?
As opposed to its Creator
Creation offers no form of salvation
A point that will be confirmed later

In whose image were you made?
How did your likeness come to be?
As for sin what was the price paid
And as far as truth why can't we agree

With whom or what do you identify?
Long ago you once ruled the Earth
For God's word will testify
How you have a chance for a new birth

You were given dominion over all
You were the first to receive God's law
Yet your sin would become your downfall
Your disobedience would reveal a character flaw

You strive for everything except the Creator
For what you once ruled now rules you
And as for the truth you've become a masterful debater
Now there's nothing but total confusion about you

You've taken off into another direction
Because your desire is to reclaim creation
This course of action offers no protection
Just a soul filled with heartache and frustration

New testament teaching says, 'Seek ye first'
the Kingdom and His righteousness'.
For this you must have a hunger and thirst
But for all things to be added to you, you must pass this test

Now do you understand why you serve the creation
As well as turning you're back on such a marvelous Creator
You've denied without even the slightest hesitation
The One that's within you that's greater

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry