Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Pass You By

How does darkness and light abide
What light, have we given way?
Impulses of the flesh is where we reside
For we've virtually been led astray

Why haven't our behavior won over the sinner
For this life they seem more blessed than us
No matter how much we confess being a winner
It's the struggle where we constantly put up a fuss

We're the ones who have the words of life
Yet from our lips come the salt waters of death
Who should we really be blaming for our strife?
Spewing venom until we're out of breath

Man and woman should become one flesh
Which goes far beyond the boundaries of sex
The newness of life should remain afresh
But intellectually we choose to be complex

For we take the word and condemn our own
That's more convenient than winning a new soul
Some of us are still out there all alone
And we refuse to let God have control

We'll sing in church and praise His name
Give counsel to others without a thought
While our circumstances remain the same
Whose will is it have we truly sought

Why look at my life and be my judge
Because I may fall a time or two
Is it your stubbornness you'll not budge?
Be careful the same thing don't happen to you

So let's get off of that so-called pedestal
The one where we think we're sitting so high
Seek the truth and stop slinging that bull
Before His grace and mercy pass you by.

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry