Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Hell Bound

With love you have to commit
A trait for which I've been yearning
Is Christ someone who I represent?
Each day there's new things I'm learning

I've made quite a few bad decisions
Yet there were good moments and bad
Was it my feelings that clouded my vision?
Or the thought of things I might have had

Some things I guess were understood
This is where I kept falling short
Did I really do everything I could?
Or was I just in it for the sport

I was brought up to be suspicious
Such a hard time trusting anyone
In relationships we can be so vicious
Really, was that my time to pick up and run?

Now when I look back I see
The responsibility that was mine
And still I tried to love faithfully
Maybe the failure was my design

Answers were so hard to find
For the truth remained hidden
There were things playing tricks with my mind
Because the fruit I tasted was forbidden

Now I sit here wondering why
At my age what went wrong
When I think about it I wanna cry
For I've been doing this far to long

Forgiveness is what I seek
From those for which I've hurt
These mistakes I can't repeat
Lord free me before I go back to the dirt

Oh God, is it to late for someone like me
To make such a drastic turnaround
Can my eyes be opened that I'd see?
Or has my destination been labeled hell bound

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry