Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Physical Equivalent

Dual citizenship is what we've pledged
In blind obedience we've signed our name
Now our souls have been wedged
In our ignorance, and to God our shame

Contracts of adhesions we've signed
To a government who wants total compliance
Yet we walk around unaware we're blind
Through the deception of law and political science

What traps were set, how were we snared
Locked in the belly of this beast
Jesus told us to be prepared
When did we partake of the Pharisees yeast

Spiritual adultery is such a sin
We've signed our names to many a contract
And we do it over and over again
Hoisting such an enormous burden on our back

Drivers license, 1040 forms even Social security
All meant to put us under subjection
To a country whose pledged us as it surety
Just to hear them say it's for our protection

Everyone striving to make ends meet
By chasing that ever so elusive dollar
The deceivers have been magnificently dicreet
When you find the truth it'll make you want to holler

We're made in the image of the Sovereign God
Yet we were duped into becoming a slave
Though some astute Christians may find this odd
Has Babylon taken away what the soul craves

There is power in God's word of the law
We need to wake up and stop being so ambivalent
The truth will set us free from this flaw
For everything spiritual there's an equal or physical equivalent

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry