Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Christ Slave

Amistad was a ship filled with slaves
A people forced into a life of servitude
Against their will so many lives depraved
There were some who even chose to be shark food

Freedom is such a precious gift
That's truly been taken for granted
Our beliefs have taken on a shift
By the powers Satan's supplanted

Nothing's worse than a slave who thinks he's free
He'll work so much harder to reach the illusion
But we're instructed to look into the law of liberty
That's opens the door and put an end to all confusion

Who said slavery was ever abolished
What's the real reason the Civil War was fought
Our foundations were being totally demolished
Our property rights were coming to naught

A Home is something you can no longer own
The Civil War is why our titles were transferred
This is a country conquered and it's king overthrown
And no one seems to understand what's occurred

Without God we're taken into captivity
Jesus said, 'aside from Him there's nothing we could do'
We've being bombarded by extracurricular activity
To busy being selfish no one's desiring what's true

There's one thing we must truly come to understand
Because our thoughts will forever perish in the grave
But whosoever's a slave is now Christ's freedman
Whosoever's free is now Christ's slave

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry