Ujamaa Christian Poetry

King On The Throne

Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention
A new world order has come into view
A deception of epic proportion not to mention
Meant to totally enslave me and you

It promotes brotherhood and unification
Where wickedness is disguised as love
It's mans interpretation to our salvation
As for our constitutional rights, none to think of

Christ left us with the gospel to spread
As He is the infinite power from on high
Yet this new world order wants bloodshed
Because it's Jesus Christ it wants us to deny

The cross is foolishness to those who are perishing
Yet it seems as though evil has the upper hand
The total power the elite few are cherishing
Will be stripped away at God's command

These secret societies working behind the scenes
Ushering in the anti Christ to his evil throne
Causing natural disasters by artificial means
It would seem all hope was gone

Mass media has blinded the minds of many
Yet God's people still hope against all hope
Distractions from the entertainment industry are plenty
See how all the world reverences the pope

To the world it seems Jesus Christ don't exist
The powers that be make you feel there's nothing you can do
But you must remember and I will insist
Christ said, 'I'll never leave nor forsake you'

There's no other way out except Jesus Christ
It's about time for the truth to be known
Up until now their lies have sufficed
Now it's time to look to heaven for the real King on the throne

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry