Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Begin To Fall

The world's a big melting pot
Full of wickedness and sin
There are so many who just forgot
About God and the mess we're in

The penalty of sin cannot be minimized
As if the Ten Commandments doesn't exist
Why do we find reasons to rationalize?
When God calls we continue to resist

Why do we continue idolizing each other
Taking credit for the good we've done
While some find pleasure in backstabbing one another
Right in front of the Father and the Son

Everyone seems to have there own idea
About life and the way things are suppose to go
So many are motivated by greed and fear
And they are well prepared to put on a good show

As a nation of people constantly being enslaved
By a government who cares not for its own
Just to satisfy the appetites of what the rich crave
Laws are passed excusing behavior governments condone

So happy to have a job we'll put up with anything
Yet some will have the nerve to sit back and complain
So afraid they'll accept whatever tune they sing
As the crosses we bare become more of a strain

How can they out right rob us and get away with it
Then tell us it's to strengthen our nation
God is the true power they're trying to make us forget
But we recognize Christ Jesus as the solid foundation

The stakes are high, for so many will never comprehend
The sacrifice Jesus made for us all
One day as with all things this madness will end
Just look around as all the other foundations begin to fall

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry