Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Lord, let your mercy rain down on me
In my weakness I long for your grace
There's so much I desire too see
But most of all I want to see your face

I've supped at the table of indecision
Drank from the glass of illusion
Unaware my eating would cloud my vision
And my drinking, give way to confusion

Teach me to make the right decision
Fill my cup with true love
Incline my thoughts with precision
Set my focus on things above

As the Shepard leads the sheep
I desire your guiding hand
For all those years, I'd fallen asleep
Give me the courage to take my stand

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer
You've inspired each step I've taken
I know you've always been there
That's why my faith cannot be shaken

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry