Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Lord Is Good

Oh taste and see
That the Lord is good
He came to set the captives free
And yet He's so misunderstood

Even though He's prepared a table
In the presence of my enemies
It's by His power I'm truly able
To live the life in which He's pleased

Lord let me stay the course
Because of the battle up ahead
You are the only source
To resurrect what was once spiritually dead

Opposition on every side
Evil shouting loud and clear
I no longer have to decide
If I'd live by faith or give in to fear

To walk this path with You by my side
I'll not doubt nor venture to complain
All else has failed the things I've tried
Sometimes it felt as if I'm going insane

But now I'm being trained to walk right
My feet planted just where they should
I've come out of the darkness into the light
To say 'oh taste and see that the Lord is good'

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry